AnotherWay Foundation, Inc., is founded through the leadership of officials from Pathways Center for Developmental and Behavioral Growth. Pathways is a behavioral health care organization serving children, adolescents, and adults addressing an array of mental health and substance abuse issues in the west central region of Georgia. Pathways is a Georgia Community Service Board, a State agency created by State law to provide mental health, developmental disabilities, and addictive disease services. The region served by Pathways does not have a primer health care facility that offers the best possible care. Officials of Pathways have recognized the need for another way – that is through private funds rather than governmental assistance - to provide these services.


As a non-profit organization, we intend that the first steps to be taken by AnotherWay will be to raise awareness of the Mental Health and Substance Abuse crisis that our nation is facing. While our educational efforts will be directed at the community at large, we expect to focus on building and partnerships with foundations, philanthropic individuals, and community groups.


Once we bring this crisis to the attention of those who may be able to provide financial assistance, our next steps will be to raise funds to establish a primer health care facility directed toward those in need of mental health and addictive disease services. We will create partnerships with institutes to develop new cutting edge ways to treat and serve individuals with mental illness.


Through awareness, education, and community partnerships we are dedicated to transforming peoples’ future and developing the highest quality of care in the State of Georgia. Our end goal is to fund, develop, and support a primer health care facility that will allow us to serve some of the most in-need individuals.

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